Simple auto populate value from list.


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Jul 18, 2015
I'm looking to use the data validation tool. I'd like user to choose cell value from a very long list. Instead of have to click on the dropdown and scroll to value, how can I have them start typing and have excel auto populate value from list? I'd like to keep the function as simple as possible to prevent issues. Thanks!

My Aswer Is This

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Jul 5, 2014
Doing that is not possible
You can use the up/down key to scroll the list without using the mouse.


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Nov 6, 2006
I've needed to do this as well. The functionality available for a validated data list is very limited. I worked out a way for my programs that allows for similar drop-down functionality by double clicking on any cell using a VBA userform with a single drop-down combobox (you can actually modify the code to allow for several comboboxes if you want).

THe trick is to put the userform activation code in the worksheet (not in a module). The rowsource for the combobox should be a named list and can be as long as you want. If you want to be able to type text into the combobox to search for the closest value the list values should be strings in alphabetical order (numbers should also be listed as strings but you can modify the code to save the string as a number.

Also, you need to make a simple userform with a single combobox in it.

Anyway, if you want to try this out here is some code:

<b>Excel 2010</b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse; border-color: #BBB"><colgroup><col width="25px" style="background-color: #DAE7F5" /><col /></colgroup><thead><tr style=" background-color: #DAE7F5;text-align: center;color: #161120"><th></th><th>A</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">1</td><td style="font-weight: bold;;">Code to activate user form with double click on any cell</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">2</td><td style=";">Private Sub Worksheet_beforedoubleclick(ByVal Target As Range, cancel As Boolean)</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">3</td><td style=";"> If Not Intersect(Target, Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell)) Is Nothing Then ' reacts to double clicking on any cell</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">4</td><td style=";">    Userform2.ComboBox1.RowSource = "Data_list" ' use a named range:  should be in sorted order (small to large or A to B)</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">5</td><td style=";">    </td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">6</td><td style=";">' centers userform2 if multiple screens</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">7</td><td style=";"> With Userform2</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">8</td><td style=";">  .StartUpPosition = 0</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">9</td><td style=";">  .Left = Application.Left + (0.5 * Application.Width) - (0.5 * .Width)</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">10</td><td style=";">  .Top = Application.Top + (0.3 * Application.Height) - (0.1 * .Height)</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">11</td><td style=";">  .Show</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">12</td><td style=";"> End With</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">13</td><td style=";">     </td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">14</td><td style=";">End If</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">15</td><td style=";">End Sub</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">16</td><td style="text-align: right;;"></td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">17</td><td style="text-align: right;;"></td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">18</td><td style="font-weight: bold;;">Code if combobox1 is clicked</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">19</td><td style=";">Private Sub ComboBox1_click()</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">20</td><td style=";">DoEvents</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">21</td><td style=";">ActiveCell.Value = ComboBox1.Value</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">22</td><td style=";">Range(ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0), ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0)).Select</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">23</td><td style=";">Unload Me</td></tr><tr ><td style="color: #161120;text-align: center;">24</td><td style=";">End Sub</td></tr></tbody></table><p style="width:7.2em;font-weight:bold;margin:0;padding:0.2em 0.6em 0.2em 0.5em;border: 1px solid #BBB;border-top:none;text-align: center;background-color: #DAE7F5;color: #161120">single entry</p><br /><br />
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Nov 6, 2006
Ya, inserting an active X combo box into the spreadsheet is another good option. However, I've avoided doing that if I need to share the spreadsheet with others because of a weird resizing bug I've experienced in the past. Anyone else had this happen to them lately?

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