Slicer Report Connections - Pivot Tables Using Different Sources


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May 23, 2014
Hello all,
I have a workbook that has about 10 pivot tables all using the same data source (a General Ledger). There is a dashboard with numerous slicers that allow the user to select different criteria which filters all of the pivot tables accordingly. I have each slicer set to hide items with no data so as you drill down in the slicers, the other slicers update only showing what applies to your selection. For example, if you select the year 2020, the other slicers only show options for transactions occurring in 2020. This has been working great, but now I have added another data source from our timekeeping system. I would like to be able to connect these pivot tables to the slicers on the dashboard, but I can't since it uses a different data source. I tried creating a data model and establishing relationships, and basing the slicers on lists of unique values and this seemed to work, but will be a lot of work for me to update weekly and also the slicers on the dashboard no longer display only the relevant options. (If you select 2020, the options in the other slicers no longer only show options for 2020).

Is there a better way for me to accomplish this? Is there a VBA option that will do what I'm trying to do?

Thanks for any help.

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