Sorting in Excel 2007 - Stange Things


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Hi All -

I've just been upgraded againstmy will to Excel 2007 and I've noticed some... interesting... things happening when I sort data most notably:

If I have formulae where the reference to the page I'm on includes the sheet name, then when I sort the formulae all reference the wrong cells.

eg: If my formula says "=COUNTIF('New Business > 250k'!B:B,B2)" it works just fine. But if it says "=COUNTIF('New Business > 250k'!B:B,'NSW'!B2)" then the sort screws up the formula references.

Now that I've worked it out, I can pay attention, but this is rather annoying given Excel adds the sheet name automatically. Does anyone know if there is a patch for this - or if Microsoft have acknowledged the problem??


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