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Oct 31, 2013

I am trying to check to see if two cells in Sheets("CHECKING") or (ws2), correspond with values in Sheets("Category Hierarchy (5)") or ws3. In row 1 of ws3 there are "Departments" and below that department from row 2 onwards are categories and these categories are unique values to only one department.

The value in Cell.offset(0,-2) is the category and the value in cell.offset(0,-3) is the department. We need to make sure that the category in ws2 in the column of the matched department in ws3. i.e. make sure there is not a mismatched category to a department.

The following code works fine but it takes a long time to loop through all the cells in rng1.

Is there a quicker way to increase speed? See below for code and samples of data from both ws.
Sub test()

Dim rng, catrng As Range
Dim ws As Worksheet

Set ws2 = Sheets("CHECKING")
    Set rng1 = Range(ws2.Cells(1, 6), ws2.Cells(1, 6).End(xlDown))
    For Each cell In rng1
    Set ws3 = Sheets("CATEGORY HIERARCHY (" & cell.Offset(0, -1).Value & ")")
        If Not cell.Offset(0, 2) = 0 Or IsError(Application.Match(cell.Offset(0, -3).Value, ws3.Rows("1:1"), 0)) Then
            ws2.Cells(i, 8) = "0"
            x = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(cell.Offset(0, -3), ws3.Rows("1:1"))
            Set catrng = Range(ws3.Cells(2, x), ws3.Cells(1000, x))
            If IsError(Application.VLookup(cell.Offset(0, -2), catrng, 1, False)) Then
                cell.Offset(0, 4) = "1"
                cell.Offset(0, 4) = "0"
            End If
        End If
    Next cell

End Sub

Here is some sample data from ws2:
Icy HotPrivate LabelHealth & BeautyFirst Aid Essential Oils/Lotions5548Icy HotPrivate LabelHealth & BeautyFirst Aid Essential Oils/Lotions5000
Signature HomePrivate LabelHousehold ProductsToilet Cleaners5577Signature HomePrivate LabelHousehold ProductsToilet Cleaners5000
Signature HomePrivate LabelGeneral MerchandiseHousehold Gloves5577Signature HomePrivate LabelGeneral MerchandiseHousehold Gloves5000
CrestProcter & GambleHealth & BeautyToothbrush - Pwr5578CrestProcter & GambleHealth & BeautyToothbrush - Pwr5000
SoleilOther MfrHealth & BeautyRazors & Blades5602SoleilOther MfrHealth & BeautyRazors & Blades5000
Irish SpringOther MfrHealth & BeautyLiquid Soap5609Irish SpringOther MfrHealth & BeautyLiquid Soap5000
PondsUnileverHealth & BeautyFacial Tissues5613PondsUnileverHealth & BeautyFacial Tissues5000
Just For MenOther MfrHealth & BeautyColourants5626Just For MenOther MfrHealth & BeautyColourants5000
BioteneGlaxoSmithKlineHealth & BeautyToothpaste5662BioteneGlaxoSmithKlineHealth & BeautyToothpaste5000
Dentu-CrèmeGlaxoSmithKlineHealth & BeautyDenture Care5662Dentu-CrèmeGlaxoSmithKlineHealth & BeautyDenture Care5000
Love Beauty & PlanetUnileverHealth & BeautyCream / Lotion5707Love Beauty & PlanetUnileverHealth & BeautyCream / Lotion5000
MotrinOther MfrHealth & BeautyAnalgesics5711MotrinOther MfrHealth & BeautyAnalgesics5000
BengayOther MfrHealth & BeautyMedicinal5711BengayOther MfrHealth & BeautyMedicinal5000
One A DayBayerHealth & BeautyDigestive Remedies5716One A DayBayerHealth & BeautyDigestive Remedies5000
DoveOther MfrHealth & BeautyShamp, Cond & Treat5735DoveOther MfrHealth & BeautyShamp, Cond & Treat5000
AjaxColgate PalmoliveHousehold ProductsDishwashing - Manual5779AjaxColgate PalmoliveHousehold ProductsDishwashing - Manual5000
SuavitelColgate PalmoliveHousehold ProductsFabric Care5779SuavitelColgate PalmoliveHousehold ProductsFabric Care5000
FabulosoColgate PalmoliveHousehold ProductsFabric Care5779FabulosoColgate PalmoliveHousehold ProductsFabric Care5000
MurphysOther MfrHealth & BeautyLiquid Soap5779MurphysOther MfrHealth & BeautyLiquid Soap5000
TylenolJohnson & JohnsonHealth & BeautyMedicinal5809TylenolJohnson & JohnsonHealth & BeautyMedicinal5000
Simply SleepOther MfrHealth & BeautyVitamins5813Simply SleepOther MfrHealth & BeautyVitamins5000
Nature BountyOther MfrHealth & BeautyVitamins5844Nature BountyOther MfrHealth & BeautyVitamins5010
Top CareOther MfrHealth & BeautyDigestive Remedies5896Top CareOther MfrHealth & BeautyDigestive Remedies5000
DuoOther MfrHealth & BeautyCosmetics5902DuoOther MfrHealth & BeautyCosmetics5000
OGXOther MfrHealth & BeautyLiquid Soap5906OGXOther MfrHealth & BeautyLiquid Soap5000
Up & UpPrivate LabelHealth & BeautyFacial Tissues5930Up & UpPrivate LabelHealth & BeautyFacial Tissues5000

<colgroup><col width="64" span="10" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody>

Here the sample data from ws3:
DepartmentsBaby NeedsBakeryBeveragesChilled FoodDry GroceryFrozen ProductsFruit & VegetablesGeneral MerchandiseHealth & BeautyHousehold ProductsLiquorMeat FreshNewsagency / TobaccoPetcareRetailer ContentSnacking
CategoriesBaby AccessoriesBakeryCoffee SubstitutesChilled BreadAsian FoodsFish FingersFruit & VegetablesAppliancesAccessoriesAir FreshenersLiquorMeat FreshFlowersBirdsRetailer ContentConfect Bars
Baby Food & FormulaCordialChilled CheeseBaked Beans/SpaghettiFrozen Chk/Turk/DuckAudioAnalgesicsBleachMagazinesChilled PetfoodConfect Bitesize
Baby NeedsHome BrewingChilled DipsBottled SaucesFrozen Finger FoodsBagsAntisepticsDishwashing - AutoNewspapersDog TreatsConfect Gifting
NappiesHot BeveragesChilled FishCake NeedsFrozen SavouriesBakewareAt Home WhiteningDishwashing - ManualLitterConfect Gum
Milk ModifiersChilled Noodles & SauceCanned FruitFrozen SnacksBooksBar SoapDisinfectantOther PetsConfect Pre Teen
Powdered Milk / Coffee WhitenersDeli DipsCanned MealsFrozen Pizza - PremiumBuckets & BinsColourantsFabric CarePet AccessoriesConfect Refresh
TeaDeli Fresh MealsCanned MeatFrozen FishCampingCondoms/LubricantsGarbage BagsPet HealthConfect Seasonal
Ambient JuiceDeli SaladCereal - AdultFrozen DessertsClothingCosmeticsHousehold CleanersPet ToysConfect Sharepacks
CoffeeEggsChutney Pickles RelishFrozen MealsCrockeryCotton ProductsHousehold Cleaning - BrushwareCatfoodNutritional Bars
CSDEntertaining Antipasto/CondCones Wafers CupsFrozen PastryDVDsDental FlossInsecticidesDogfoodNutritious Snacks
Energy DrinksFresh CreamCooking ChocolateFrozen PotatoElectrical FittingsDenture CareLaundry Det - LiqNuts
Lifestyle DrinksFresh CustardCooking NutsFrozen VegElectricalsDeodorantsLaundry Det - PwdShelf Stable Dips
Long Life BeveragesFresh Pasta & SauceDried FruitIce CreamFilmDepilatoriesPaper TowelsBiscuits
Mineral WaterSmallgoodsDry PastaFrozen PizzaFitness EquipmentDigestive RemediesPrewashSalty Snacks
Sports DrinksChilled JuiceEthnic Gourmet FoodsGarden CareFacial TissuesPlastic Bags/Wraps/FoilsChocolate Blocks
Still WaterFresh MilkHampersGift CardsFeminine HygieneSponges Scourers & WipesCandy Bags
Yellow SpreadsHealth FoodsGiftsFirst Aid Essential Oils/LotionsToilet Cleaners
Yoghurt / DessertHealthfoods Diet Sport ProductsGlasswareFirst Aid FootcareToilet Tissues
Herbs & SpicesHome HardwareFragrancesFire Needs
Hot PacksHomewaresGift Packs
Indian FoodsHosieryHair Care - Styling
JellyHousehold GlovesLiquid Soap
Mexican Food*******wareMedicinal
Noodles - CookingLaundry NeedsMens Aftershaves/Cologne
Noodles - SnackLight GlobesMens Hair Care
Pasta CheeseManchesterMens Skin Care
Pasta SaucesMotoringMouth Wash
Pasta Sauces - IngredientsOutdoorNail Care
Pickled VegetablesParty and Picnic NeedsPregnancy Kits
PicnicwareParty Wrap and FoilShamp, Cond & Treat
Recipe BasesPhonesShaving Preparations
RiceSeasonal DecorationsShower Gel
SaltStationerySun Care
Sauces And GravyToysTalc
Shelf Stable DessertContainersToothbrush - Man
Side DishesBatteriesToothbrush - Pwr
Simmer SaucesToothpaste
SugarTravel Toiletries
Sugar SubstitutesNicotine
Water IcesOptical
Wet MustardsHair Loss
Baking MixesLice Treatment
Can FishAdult Incontinence
Can VegCream / Lotion
Breakfast CerealRazors & Blades
Cooking OilUpper Respiratory Tract
Flour / Bread MixesVitamins
Mayo & Dressing

<colgroup><col width="64" span="17" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody>
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Dec 3, 2009
Have you worked with arrays in VBA yet?

If not, that is what you should start researching.

Since excel 2007 and beyond, cycling through cells in a range has been extremely slow, so the best practice is to load a range of cells to an array, all at once. Do whatever work needs to be done within excel's memory without touching cells on a sheet. Then finally load back to the sheet the output all at once.

Below is a simple demo of how that might work.

Sub arrExample()
'load array in and spit array out

arr = Range("a1:b3") 'load range into 2d array 'arr becomes a 2 dimensional array loaded with the range's values

'processing the range could happen here

Range("c4:d6") = arr  'export the 2d array back to a different range

End Sub
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Oct 31, 2013
Hi Odin,

I am completely self taught in VBA and I have been googling and looking at videos on how to accomplish this but it is all going a bit over my head.

Would you mind giving me some more detail in your answer and using the formulas I have above.

I would be very appreciative if you could.



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Jun 12, 2014
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How about
Sub bayles()
   Dim CatAry As Variant
   Dim Dic As Object
   Dim r As Long, c As Long
   Dim Cl As Range
   Application.ScreenUpdating = False
   CatAry = Sheets("Category Hierarchy (5)").Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Value2
   Set Dic = CreateObject("scripting.dictionary")
   For c = 2 To UBound(CatAry, 2)
      Dic.Add CatAry(1, c), CreateObject("scripting.dictionary")
      For r = 2 To UBound(CatAry)
         Dic(CatAry(1, c))(CatAry(r, c)) = Empty
      Next r
   Next c
   With Sheets("Checking")
      For Each Cl In .Range("C2", .Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
         If Not Dic.Exists(Cl.Value) Then
            Cl.Offset(, 7).Value = 1
         ElseIf Not Dic(Cl.Value).Exists(Cl.Offset(, 1).Value) Then
            Cl.Offset(, 7).Value = 1
            Cl.Offset(, 7).Value = 0
         End If
      Next Cl
   End With
End Sub


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Oct 31, 2013
Thanks so much Fluff.

That was great. I'll try to learn from this code as to how to implement arrays. I can usually fluke my way through it eventually.



MrExcel MVP, Moderator
Jun 12, 2014
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You're welcome & thanks for the feedback

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