Spin Button on a VBA Form Controlled through/by a range.


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Apr 4, 2018
I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of Descriptions of User Names - obviously password protected itself.

I have a range of names of "Descriptions" in the column A1 to A20. This range I have called "MyUserNames" and might contain "Amazon - Paul" or "Amazon - Liza".

In the corresponding columns to each value in "MyUserNames" are Actual Internet Addresses, User Name, Password & Comment.

In a VBA Form, I would like to generate 5 Text Boxes containing the above data with a Spin Button controlling the value in Text Box 1 which should be the Description.
As an example the form should look like:

Descriptions eg Amazon - Paul
Internet Address eg www.Amazon.co.uk
User Name eg Fred
Password eg GoFred
Comment eg This is UK version of Amazon


With a vertical Spin Button controlling "Descriptions" which are listed in the range "MyUserNames".

What code do I need to write to access the range values. I am used to using spin buttons directly on a worksheet but my ability to write the necessary VBA code is limited in the occasion.

I hope that the explanation of my problem is clear enough.

I am using Office 2010 on a PC operating Windows 10. I program via VBA 7.

Thank you for your anticipated help.


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