Split Access Database Keeps Crashing


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We recently upgraded all our systems to Windows 10 64 bit and Microsoft Office Professional 64 bit.

We were using a split access database with Office 2013 which was working perfectly. Since the upgrade, when using the database on one of the systems, it constantly crashes and then Access restarts. I imported all of the objects into a new database and the database worked fine for approximately 10 days and now it keeps crashing again.

Any suggestions as to why this is occurring and any possible fixes to this problem?


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Is there any code that hasn't been converted to handle 64 bit memory addresses? Usually this involves API calls and not regular code - except that I have read that some common library references don't work in 64. The general consensus at this time seems to be that 64 bit windows is fine, but one should install 32 bit Office. In fact, I believe it is the default choice. There must be a reason for that; one that M$ isn't offering freely...


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The code does not appear to be the issue as the database worked as intended for 10 days and then it started to crash again. I had done tests when the crashes first started to occur and once I created the new database and imported the objects, I did quite a bit of testing using the particular machine and it worked. The user then continued her usual tasks and it worked fine until yesterday. And this is the only machine out of quite a few with Windows 10 64 bit and Office 64 bit installed that is having the issue with the database.


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Afraid I have nothing else to offer then, save for suggesting you research Access and 64 bit. Lot's of info/opinion, such as 64b Windows is where the speed gain comes from, not 64b Office, and the advice is to install 32b Office on 64b Windows. Check it out and bring that to IT. That's what I have and I experience no crashing.

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