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Oct 2, 2014
I am working on a sports draft app for fantasy sports.

Some background on fantasy sports (this is for basketball), managers draft real life players to create teams, you get matched against with a different team each week, there are 9 stat categories tracked and depending on how many categories your cumulative total is better than your opponent in for the week is what is added to your record for the week. For example, if you are better in 6/9 categories in a week, you get 6 wins and 3 losses added to your overall record.

What I currently have is an application to draft players for building the teams at the beginning of the season. I have the schedule of the fantasy sports season (which manager matches up with which each week) and the actual NBA schedule with how many games each player has each week. As the draft progresses I take a per game average for each player and multiply by how many games they play each week to get a projected stat total for the week and essentially simulate the season based on player projections of players already drafted.

What I would like to do is add a category that would show the impact of each available player on the projected record of the team that is about to pick their player. Outside of a macro that in the background drafts each player and compares the projected record with the pick to that without it and then undoes the pick (might have a lengthy run time?), does anyone have good ideas of how to approach this?
Essentially what it needs to do is say 'if player x's owner is manager y, what would their season record be' by adding each of the players' 20 weeks into the managers weekly projections. Just looking for some ideas... macros, helper sheets/columns, evaluate on a week-by-week basis or full season etc.


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