Stepping Up, Q4


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Oct 21, 2015

I just found these questions and am quite excited to polish my Excel skills.

I'm currently working with the Stepping Up questions but I'm stuck with Question 4.

Question 4
Analyst comment: “Our working capital requirements don’t seem correct” [Error(s) in Calculations!71:89]
What is the change in net working capital ($m) in the Year ending June 2019 under the Base scenario?
Any help with this would be highly appreciated so I can move on to the next one.

Thank you!

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Oct 21, 2015
That much I figured already. I've tried a bunch of different combinations but don't seem to get the right answer. I assume that Net working capital should be Current assets - Current liabilities and that Current assets include Accounts receivable and Inventory. But =F74+F78-F84 doesn't result in anything starting with 168.


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Sep 4, 2015
You are right: =+F74+F78-F84 is the required change in these rows. Of course the results of this question do depend on the answers to the previous questions as well as potentially subsequent questions (so if you have tried further questions, this could affect your results from Q4).

I suggest you re-download the template and try starting from the beginning!

Here are the figures for June 19 for your trouble shooting pleasure :).

Days receivable33.00
Accounts receivable5,292.48
Cost of sales38,609.28
Inventory days42.00
Cost of sales38,609.28
Total expenses14,659.60
Days payable37.00
Accounts payable5,399.86
Net working capital4,335.33
Change in net working capital(168.79)



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Oct 21, 2015
Thank you! I thought I had everything ok since I got the right answers from the previous questions but I guess I've messed something up :) It's easier to check now that I know the right answer for sure.

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