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Oct 19, 2020
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Hi all,

I'm seeking some help with a formula. Tried a number of methods but I can't seem to get the formula to stop rolling after it has hit a certain date.

Currently, my staff are given a 4 month period to reach 90 customers or more. The total number of customers are calculated and added into column C at every end month, e.g. 31 July, 30 Sep, etc.
I am trying to track which staff hit the criteria within the 4 month period, however the issue is that when i change the end month date, the formula continues counting. I am looking for it to cut off once it has reached the 4 month mark so I know whether my staff hit their different targets at the deadline.

Example scenario:

  • Jim starts working on 30 Mar 2020, he is given 4 months (n) to reach 90 customers.
  • Using his commencement date, he must reach 90 customers or more by 28 Jul 2020 (n+120, or 4 months later) to meet the criteria.
  • Hence, as of 28 Jul, he should reach at least a minimum of 90 customers.
Cell values
A1 = date Jim started working
B1 = number of clients
C1 = end month date

The current formula I have is this:

The formula works at the start. It shows me whether Jim hits 90 customers by the 4th month. However, as cell C1 is continuously changing to the next end month date and the customer count keeps increasing, the cell continues to count.
Is there a way to get the cell to stop counting once it has reached 28 July?

Many thanks in advance!

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Dec 30, 2008
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If you have a formula in B1 that is counting the number of clients in a database / list then you could possibly do something with a formula like
Excel Formula:
Where name refers to a column of names in the database and date refers to a column of dates where the customer was added to the database.

However if you are updating the number of clients in B1 manually then what you are asking would not be possible with a formula (at least not based on the current information that you have provided).

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