Sum/Auto Calc function sums everything to Zero - Excel freez


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Oct 5, 2006
MS Excel 2002 SP3

Issues I have been having:
- sum/auto calc sums everything to Zero (sometimes it works and others doesn't and this is the case for any file or brand new worksheet I work on)
* the same worksheet I send to another person and does the calculations normally, thus nobody is able to recreate my problem on their system
* in rare cases I am able to copy the worksheet into a new workbook and the functions work (can't do that when it's linked to other tabs)
*if i just move the worksheet to a new workbook it still doesn't work
* other times, I reenter the sum formulas and they work, but next time I open a the workbook and change one of the dependent cells the other one with function does not get updated
- randomly it freezes up and shuts down and restarts again especially when I try to save the work I did

Already did:
- reinstalled excel
- worked with one workbook at the time as much as I can (so no pattern of having a corruptted file open)
- restarting the computer sometimes helps
- under Calculation Options I do have the Automatic Calculation selected
as well as Update remote refrences and Save external link values

I really don't know what else could be wrong. Can you help?

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