Sum data based on top 80% of total


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Aug 3, 2010
I have two columns of data. One with a list of values and the second with the percentages of these values based on the sum of the values. Ex.
23 10.79%
23 10.79%
67 31.45
47 22.06%
3 1.5%
50 23%
Total: 213

I am working with the idea of 80/20. That 20% of your accounts have 80% of your sales. So i need to find and sum the accounts that have about 80% of the total. I need a formula to do this in one cell because there is alot of data and i can´t sort the info and pic it out manually because it can change. Can anyone help with this. Also if there is a way to shade the accounts that are in this group that would be incredible. Thanks

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Can you AutoAverage in Excel?
There is a drop-down next to the AutoSum symbol. Open the drop-down to choose AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, or MIN

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