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Aug 7, 2019
I posted on here before regarding a sumifs formula and I appreciate the help that I received. Now I am finding out that it is not picking up all the data that I need and my boss wants to make this into a macro after I figure out how to make the formula work since this formula is so cumbersome. I need some serious help!!

I was working with this formula:

=SUM(SUMIFS('[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$I:$I,'[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$A:$A,$A$6,'[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$D:$D,CL3,'[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$G:$G,{"Credit","ACH Credit(s)","Customer Deposit(s)","Miscellaneous Credit(s)"}))-SUM(SUMIFS('[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$I:$I,'[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$A:$A,$A$6,'[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$D:$D,CL3,'[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$G:$G,{"Return Item(s)"}))-SUM(SUMIFS('[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$I:$I,'[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$A:$A,$A$6,'[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$D:$D,CL3,'[July USB.xls]pddetail.csv-10'!$L:$L,{"Reversal"}))

The problem is that I need to subtract the amount in column I if the words in column L contains "reversal", otherwise, it needs to keep the sum as is. It is not picking up the subtraction part. I cannot attach the spreadsheet here since I do not permission to do so one here. And then I need to figure out how to make this into a macro that will feed into another excel spreadsheet.
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Jun 12, 2014
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I have removed your email address from your post. Generally, you should NEVER post your email address to public user forums. Spam Bots patrol such forums on the internet looking for email addresses to Spam.

Also as this is your second post, you obviously haven't replied to whoever helped you in you initial thread, which is considered to be very rude considering they have given their free time to try and help you.

There are add-ins available here the enable you to include a small amount of sample data in your post
and rather than expecting somebody to dissect your formula, can you please explain what needs to happen?

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