Text not wrapping, wrap and autofit both on


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Jun 11, 2007
My coworker has a large spreadsheet she updates monthly. One column has text description that doesn't quite wrap-- but only a letter or so will overlap into the next cell.
There is plenty of room in the last line in the cell for the text to fit into, it just doesn't wrap where it should.
Now, if she prints an old spreadsheet saved from months ago, that wraps fine. If she prints her current spreadsheet to a different printer, again, it wraps fine. But she needs it to be on ledger size paper and in color, which limits her to the HP Laserjet 5500, and on that printer the new one doesn't wrap correctly. (Remember it does print her old spreadsheet fine).
What is that!!!
She has autofit on, wrap text is on, and there is room for the text to wrap and push into the last line of text in the cell.

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Jun 11, 2007
Okay, I solved it. I don't know why the old one prints correctly, but I do know the new one prints just fine to a PCL driver vs. the PS driver she was using. It was probably changed somewhere along the way and since then she's had the problem.

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