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Aug 18, 2015
Opened on behalf of @jmb1986 who sent me a PM.

Some bookkeeping items first. If you click on the Forum Rules link in my signature, and look at rule 4, it says you should not solicit help via PM. Several reasons for this, partly because if you ask it in a post others can benefit from it, partly because the person you contact may not have availability at the time, among other reasons. Also, since you're a new member, I'm unable to PM you in response. So I hope you receive the tag notice and look up this thread.

Now to the gist of your query:

jmb1986 said:
Hi Eric,

I am trying to prepare my monthly business mileage report based on the meetings I attended for that particular month by exporting the data from my outlook diary. Outlook allows you to export the data to CSV, which I then convert to a Microsoft Excel file.

I would like to use the data (subject, date and start time of meeting) to prepare a TEXTJOIN with two conditions; by grouping all the meetings on a specific date in one cell, in ascending order from AM to PM for each of the days I had a meeting.

It would help if you could show a sample of your input data, and your expected results (possibly use the HTML Maker in my signature). But as described, the problem is with sorting the start times. No current native function can sort. (A SORT function is in beta for Excel 365, coming out soon.) So if you want to sort them, you'd need a set of helper columns to create some formulas to extract the rows with the right date, sort them, then use TEXTJOIN on that column. Alternatively, you could use some kind of UDF (User-Defined Function).

Let us know.

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