the specified formula cannot be entered because it uses more than 64 levels of nesting


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May 28, 2015
please help me,

=IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$8;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$8;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$9;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$9;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$10;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$10;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$11;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$11;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$12;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$12;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$13;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$13;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$14;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$14;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$15;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$15;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$16;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$16;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$17;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$17;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$18;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$18;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$19;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$19;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$20;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$20;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$21;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$21;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$22;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$22;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$23;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$23;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$24;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$24;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$25;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$25;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$26;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$26;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$27;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$27;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$28;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$28;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$29;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$29;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$30;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$30;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$31;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$31;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$32;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$32;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$33;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$33;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$34;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$34;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$35;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$35;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$36;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$36;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$37;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$37;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$38;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$38;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$39;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$39;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$40;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$40;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$41;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$41;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$42;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$42;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$43;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$43;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$44;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$44;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$45;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$45;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$46;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$46;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$47;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$47;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$48;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$48;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$49;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$49;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$50;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$50;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$51;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$51;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$52;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$52;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$53;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$53;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$54;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$54;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$55;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$55;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$56;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$56;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$57;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$57;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$58;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$58;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$59;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$59;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$60;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$60;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$61;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$61;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$62;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$62;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$63;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$63;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$64;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$64;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$65;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$65;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$66;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$66;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$67;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$67;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$68;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$68;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$69;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$69;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$70;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$70;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$71;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$71;IF(E106='Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$72;'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$C$72;"INPUT")))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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What do {} around a formula in the formula bar mean?
{Formula} means the formula was entered using Ctrl+Shift+Enter signifying an old-style array formula.


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Oct 12, 2006

=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(E106,'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!$B$8:$C$72,2,FALSE),"INPUT")
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steve the fish

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Oct 20, 2009
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Hi. See if this works for you

=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(E106,'Harga Tanam Tumbuh'!B:C,2,0),"")
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