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Jul 17, 2014
Hello Excel Gurus,

I’m building up a system for about 20 employees to report their time at project level and consolidate all entries.
It’s meant for capitalizing software costs developed inside the company.

I am thinking to build a timesheet template with drop-down menus where employees can select the project and cannot modify the structure of the timesheet.
I am not sure how to handle the repository for the data though.
Ideally I would like the timesheet to be a front-end and then the data would be consolidated in a table which I can make reports from (pivot tables).
Unfortunately we are not using excel online, Office online nor onedrive….
It has to be made in excel and through our internal network (LAN).

My idea so far:
Save all timesheets for a month (20*4= 80) in one workbook (one each month)
Have a macro to convert all input in a tabular format in a separate file (the same used every month)
Base my pivot tables on this consolidation file

My questions:

  1. Any better ideas with less manual steps how timesheet inputs can "fly" directly in an excel table???
  2. Would it really be so much easier with Office Online (I have never used it, not sure what this can do)

Any of your wonderful tips or comments greatly appreciated :)

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