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MrExcel MVP
Apr 6, 2003
Try this. Press Alt+F11 to open the vb editor.
(If the 'VBAProject' is not showing in the left of the screen then hit the 'Project Explorer' button on the toolbar to display it.)
Find your workbook name in the project explorer and select 'ThisWorkbook' below it. (You may have to expand the Microsoft Excel Objects tree for the workbook first.)
From the menu, choose Insert > Module. Paste all 3 of these routines into the standard module that opened up. (The white area on the right.)
Sub auto_open()
' assign our own macro to the F11 key:
  Application.OnKey "{F11}", "sbToggleFullscreen"
End Sub

Sub auto_close()
' set the F11 action back to default
  Application.OnKey "{F11}"
End Sub

Sub sbToggleFullscreen()
  If Application.DisplayFullScreen Then
    Application.DisplayFullScreen = False
    Application.DisplayFullScreen = True
    ' to not show the fullscreen commandbar
    ' uncomment the following line
    ' Application.CommandBars("Full Screen").Visible = False
  End If
End Sub
Press Alt+Q to close the vb editor, save & close the workbook and re-open it to try it out.

Hope it helps.

Ghais Chatila

New Member
Aug 7, 2009
Thanks Half Ace,

i tried the procedure, and then it asked me to save my workbook as a macro enabled doc. I did that saved, closed and reopened, and F11 still opens up a chart. Please follow up. Thanks

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