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Jun 14, 2013
Hi, to all members of this great forum.

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The idea of ​​the table that I present in the file is to distribute a quantity of KG of production in several Puestos de Trabajo, through participations. I calculate these participations satisfactorily, both in percentage (Measure % Participación KG Real Puesto Trabajo) and in values ​​(Measure KG Real Puesto Trabajo por Mat = [Total KG Produccion IDO] * [% Participación KG Real Puesto Trabajo]).

At the time of adding these values ​​disconnecting the material with ALL, the resulting value is wrong ... and I can not find the reason for this situation.

Wrong measure: KG Real Totalizado Puesto Trabajo = IF(ISNUMBER([Total KG Produccion IDO]) ; CALCULATE( [KG Real Puesto Trabajo por Mat] ; ALL(fIDO[Material])) ; BLANK() )

Could you help me calculate the correct value?

To give examples of what you should give:

For PuestoTrabajo 6702041, it should give: 27164.54 + 1601.96 = 28766.5 (it's giving 20266.77 <- Wrong. I do not even know where the value comes from)

For PuestoTrabajo 6702043, it should give: 1609.11 + 10072.59 + 11160 + 764 + 3264 + 20807.55 + 4546.68 = 52223.93 (it is giving 48863.03 <- Wrong, nor do I know where the value comes from).

and so for all the PuestosTrabajo that appear, according to the Plant filter.

If you require more information, I will gladly supply it.

link of file :!hgBCQKAL!6pDDp0mbN7NBaX878V1gobDflweNWzmQY-4v-yWa7OQ

I greatly appreciate the help you can give me. Blessings!
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