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Aug 28, 2006
So, yet another boneheaded question from the new guy...this one has really got me confused. Be that as it may...I need to track the actual days someone is gone from work sickness related. What I have is a list of names ie:

Joe Shmoe
Joe Dirt
Joe Somebody
Rasoe Coultrain
John Doe

And what I need is to create a form that I can enter or view 1) how many total days the employee has been sick and 2) what days he/she has missed specifically.

On a side note, it would be great if I could get the Calendar deal that I can insert into a form, or some kind of calendar that is, to actually show the days.

I realize this may well be beyond my abilities (the calendar part) so if I can just be told how I could make the first part work that would be great.

Thanks in advance-
~T :rolleyes:

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Aug 9, 2006
You should have two tables - Employees and DaysOff.
You should have a one-to-many relationship defined between these tables.
You create a query, based on both tables.
In the Query Design, right click on the join line... you should see Join Properties... if not, try again.
Select Join Properties and set to 2, then click on OK.
Select the Employee and the columns from the DaysOff table that you want in your query.
Test, then Save.
Create a Report, based on this query.
Allow the Report to SUM the Total Days off for each Employee by adding a Text field to the Page Footer =Sum([DaysOff])

This should provide you with the individual days off as well as the overall count of missed days for each Employee... At the end of the Report, you can see Total Days Off for everyone by adding a Text field to the Report Foorter =Sum([DaysOff])

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