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Apr 2, 2014
Hi All

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction with this problem.

We are trying to get away from having paper copies and go digital with batch cards at my work.
At the end of each week we print out a weeks worth of batch cards, the operators use the cards for recording temperatures at certain times of the day, the cards then follow the product all the way from start to finish.
We have 48 vessels all at different stages of production which continually fill and empty throughout the day so the operators are constantly filling in the batch cards.

I have made up worksheets with all the information that the operators need for their work, but I am struggling on how to transfer the information from the control sheet to individual batch cards.

Is there any way that once the sequence starts the operator just needs to enter the batch number onto the batch card, this would then look at the control worksheet and pull up all the information that is required to fill in the card, for example the profile that the sequence requires the time that the profile started and the date.

This information is all held on the control sheet so would be on the same row as the batch number, there is more information on the control sheet that is not required for the batch card so it would only have to transfer certain cells to the appropriate columns on the batch card.

Our process is a continues operation with a 30 tonne batch starting every 2 hours then taking 8 days to complete so its not long before we have a pile of paper lying around in store cupboards.

Thank you for your help


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Mar 12, 2009
I'd suggest you want a single worksheet or database containing all of your data, and then control the way in which data is added to or extracted from that database. You then have some kind of Form, probably involving some VBA, that is set up for your needs

MS Access would be a good way to go with this too

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