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Jul 23, 2020
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I have a document that is pulling a lot of data from a webpage table.
This morning it was working fine, I hit the refresh all button, it did it's think, and everything updated just fine, like it did the day before, etc.
But later in the same day I did the same thing but now I get :

DataSource.Error: The Web.Page function didn't finish within timeout of 100 seconds.

My initial instinct was that something was wrong with the webpage table, but when I copy the link into a browser the table loads up just fine, and fairly quickly.
I also generated new webpage tables and updated the links to match, and still the same error message.

So next I increased the timeout to something crazy like 30min to see if it eventually pulled something from the page. this time it didn't timeout, but reported a new type of error which I am unfamiliar with:
(sorry for the x's but I can't share the actual address because confidential, etc.)

DataSource.Error: An unknown error occurred when navigating to the web page.

so I am not sure I understand what is going on... I am not an expert in excel and the document in question was created by someone else more knowledgeable then me in this regard and who is unfortunatly no longer available to help figure it out.
I know these error messages can mean a number of things, I am just not sure where to go next in my troubleshoot beyond the steps I've outlined above.
it might just be something very simple I am not thinking of because I just don't understand the process well enough yet.
any help pointing me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

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