Understanding the Dynamics of VBA


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Aug 24, 2014
I am just getting started in VBA & have watched about 20 videos. . . my issue is that I can't find anything that explains the basic concept of understanding coding in VBA. Everything I have seen explains single aspects, but doesn't encompass (for example) how the to string together commands & to establish procedures using the different elements of coding such as objects, applications, properties & methods, collections, etc. Can someone explain to me the hierarchy; what elements are essential in order for others to work properly & how to look at VBA coding in reference to defining it as a language? What would be the noun, verb, subject, predicate, etc. ? I just want to learn the relationships so I can actually grasp what I'm being taught. I think of myself as a reasonably intelligent person, but am really struggling with this. I want to learn very badly. Any help is greatly appreciate, resources, examples, references, you name it! Thanks

Excel Facts

Square and cube roots
The =SQRT(25) is a square root. For a cube root, use =125^(1/3). For a fourth root, use =625^(1/4).

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Oct 27, 2005
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Have a browse through this list kindly compiled by Hiker95
There are some great resources int there.
Also, keep haning around this forum and see how questions are answered....HTH

Training / Books / Sites as of 05/21/2012

MrExcel's Products: Books, CDs, Podcasts Discuss topics related to Holy Macro! Products: Learn Excel from MrExcel, VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel,Holy Macro! It's 2500 VBA Examples CD, Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel and Excel Knowledge Base CD and the MrExcel Podcasts.
MrExcel's Products: Books, CDs, Podcasts

There are over 1800 Excel videos/tutorials here:
ExcelIsFun - YouTube

Getting Started with VBA.
DataPig Technologies

If you are serious about learning VBA try

Excel Tutorials and Tips - VBA - macros - training
MrExcel.com | Excel Resources | Excel Seminars | Excel Products

Here's a good primer on the scope of variables.
Scope Of Variables And Procedures

See David McRitchie's site if you just started with VBA
Getting Started with Macros and User Defined Functions

What is a Visual Basic Module?
http://www.emagenit.com/VBA Folder...vba_module.htm

Ron de Bruin's intro to macros:

Creating An XLA Add-In For Excel, Writing User Defined Functions In VBA
Creating An XLA Add In

How do I create a PERSONAL.XLS(B) or Add-in

Creating custom functions

Writing Your First VBA Function in Excel

VBA for Excel (Macros)
Excel Macros (VBA) Tutorial

VBA Lesson 11: VBA Code General Tips and General Vocabulary
VBA for Excel macros language

Excel VBA -- Adding Code to a Workbook

Learn to debug:
Debugging VBA

How To: Assign a Macro to a Button or Shape

User Form Creation

When To Use a UserForm & What to Use a UserForm For

Excel Tutorials / Video Tutorials - Functions

INDEX MATCH - Excel Index Function and Excel Match Function

Excel Data Validation

Your Quick Reference to Microsoft Excel Solutions
XL-CENTRAL.COM : For your Microsoft Excel Solutions

New! Excel Recorded Webinars
DataPig Technologies

Programming The VBA Editor - Created by Chip Pearson at Pearson Software Consulting LLC
This page describes how to write code that modifies or reads other VBA code.
Programming In The VBA Editor

VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel, by Bill Jelen "Mr.Excel" and Tracy Syrstad

Excel Hacks 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools, by David & Traina Hawley

VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel 2007, by Bill Jelen "Mr.Excel" and Tracy Syrstad

Excel 2007 Book: you can try this...there is a try before you buy ebook available at this link…

by Stephen/ Bovey, Rob/ Green, John Bullen (Paperback - Feb 11, 2005)
Professional Excel Development

by Rob Bovey, Stephen Bullen, John Green, and Robert Rosenberg (Paperback - Sep 26, 2001)
Excel 2002 VBA: Programmers Reference

DonkeyOte: My Recommended Reading, Volatility
Volatile Excel Functions -Decision Models


Excel: Introduction to Array Formulas - Xtreme Visual Basic Talk
Excel VBA Chpter 21: Array in Excel VBA

Pivot Intro
Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in Microsoft Excel

Email from XL - VBA
Mail from Excel example pages

Outlook VBA
Writing VBA code for Microsoft Outlook

Function Dictionary

Function Translations
Excel 2007 function name translations - Dictionary Chart Front Page

Dynamic Named Ranges

How to create Excel Dashboards
Excel Dashboards - Templates, Tutorials, Downloads and Examples | Chandoo.org - Learn Microsoft Excel Online
Excel Dashboards - Templates, Tutorials, Downloads and Examples | Chandoo.org - Learn Microsoft Excel Online
Free Microsoft Excel Dashboard Widgets to Download

Excel Dashboard / Scorecard Ebook
Excel Dashboards and Scorecards Ebook | How to Create Dashboards in Excel

Mike Alexander from Data Pig Technologies
Excel 2007 Dashboards & Reports For Dummies

CPearson.com Topic Index

Date & Time stamping:
McGimpsey & Associates : Excel : Time and date stamps

Get Formula / Formats thru custom functions:
Show FORMULA or FORMAT of another cell

A nice informative MS article "Improving Performance in Excel 2007"
Improving Performance in Excel 2007

Progress Meters
Progress meters

And, as your skills increase, try answering posts on sites like:
MrExcel.com | Excel Resources | Excel Seminars | Excel Products
Excel Help Forum
Excel Templates | Excel Add-ins and Excel Help with formulas and VBA Macros
Expert Microsoft Help, with all of the Microsoft Applications from Excel programming, Access training to our free Microsoft VBA Forums
Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word VBA Macro Automation Help
Have a great day,
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May 17, 2006
This may be helpful, Getting Started with VBA in Excel 2010

Or maybe a book would suit you? I recommend John Walkenbach's Excel 20xx Power Programming with VBA

Importantly, start coding. It might be painfully slow initially but will become easier. Just keep going. :)

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