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Dec 12, 2016
Looking for help with the below....


I want to track the status of an item.

If i am to enter a date lets say in column C which is titled " Item setup date" i would like the status in column B to automatically change of i enter that date.
But again, if i enter data further down the line in another column. Column E "Sales order received", i want the status to update again to reflect the new update.

Whats the best approach, IF statements?

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Nov 7, 2006
A cell can contain a formula or a value, not both.
Formulas cannot change other cells, they can be the result of other cells though.

So if you type a status into column B and later want it to be the result of you entering something into column C, you cant do that witha formula, you need VBA for that.

For the value in column B to "change" as you've said, it's not clear how the previous value got into B in the first place, I presume by you entering it, therefore you would need VBA as described above.

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