Updating existing data from new worksheet by replacing only corresponding values


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Dec 19, 2017
Dear All,

I have a Master sheet where I use to show the overall project progress. I get updates from my Contractors on a weekly basis. Both the sheets are of same formats and fields. The master sheet acts as a repository of all data (Numbers and dates). I want the Contractor sheets to feed the master data by following conditions

1. The Master datasheet already has Numbers and Dates
2. The Update shall add numbers on already existing value (i.e., say I have 3 in a cell, with 2 is the new update, so the data must be 3+2=5)
3. The dates for those updates must be replacing the existing dates ( Say if the previous date was 3-Jul-2020 and the new date is 8-Aug-2020; so he data in Master sheet for that corresponding cell must be the new date i.e., 8-Aug-2020)
4. The changes must affect only for the cells corresponding to the contractor updates while retaining existing data from other cells.

Any help in this will be grateful and appreciated.

Adding the sample file in the link. Sample File Link

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