Updating Inventory Based on Daily Pull Values


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Jun 15, 2014
Okay excel genius', I'm stuck in a rut and need your help! I work at a shop that carries a stock of liquids. It is my job to keep track of the inventory on a daily basis. If this was my only job, then it would be easy, but its not. So, I began working on an Excel file that could automate the task for me. I've got it almost completely finished, but I've the snag I've run into is preventing my from using this sheet daily. I have a stock of liquids in the front of the store, I've called this the "Floor" inventory. I also have a backroom of the same liquids. Every morning I stock the floor inventory from the back room inventory. I need the worksheet to give me an accurate liquid count on the floor as well as in the back room daily. The backroom was easy and I've finished it, its the daily floor inventory throwing me. I can only fit 4 of each liquid in the front, and sell from this inventory daily. So, if I sell 3 on Monday, then I have to pull 3 on Tuesday to restock. Easy, just subtract from the back room inventory and add it to the front. The hard part is when you consider that I have to do this count daily. Can anyone help? I've attached the workbook here.


If you guys don't trust this site, I'd be happy to reupload to another site or service, this is just the one I use the most frequently.
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