Updating Multiple Tables and Adding New Tables using a Reference Sheet from Master Workbook


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Sep 6, 2018
Workbook A (WB_A)is used by multiple people saved to their local computer. Saved in the same folder is another workbook (WB_B) that is used as a reference. WB_A pulls information from WB_B and populates multiple tables with rows. I need to be able to add new Tables to WB_B so that WB_A can pull the new tables into its reference worksheet that helps populate dropdowns. everything works fine except the updating of tables, and adding new tables to WB_A that were created in WB_B.

Worksheet_C in WB_B has a bunch of similar tables named similar to this:


If I add a new table to Worksheet_3 in WB_B i would continue the naming convention and it would be similar to the first two tables, but the "***" can vary.

Worksheet_1 in WB_A references all the tables on Worksheet_3 within the same workbook. This helps with dropdowns and other GUI setup within the workbook.

the tables on Worksheet_3 should all be named like: Table_***_AA and when the file opens it should make sure all the tables are there and are updated with the information from WB_B.

this may be an easy way to visualize this:

Table Location -----Process----> Table Location

WorkbookB Worksheet3 ----process------> WorkbookA - Worksheet3

TableToTransfer_123456_AA -----Update-----> Table_123456_AA
TableToTransfer_12321_AA ------Update----> Table_12321_AA
TableToTransfer_123789_AA ---Add new table and rename--> Table_123789_AA

Can someone help with the VBA for this macro? please!

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