Urgent help needed - losing my mind.


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Jan 29, 2019
Hiya I've attached a picture for reference. I'm currently at work and have been trying to figure this out for hours. So my task is to figure out which person made how many of each mistake. As you can see to right I can easily find out how many mistakes total were made by each person, but now I'm trying to see how many SPECIFIC errors were made by each individual (far right). So I've tried some SUM and COUNTIF formulae but I'm still pretty new to this. You can see in the bar at the top I managed to add together all the Incorrect nominal errors and all errors by Danielle but I want to find out how many nominal errors only Danielle made. Not a total of both. My 24 year old brain is about to explode.

Feel free to ignore columns E F and G as I've been playing around to see if that is the best way to do it.


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You've posted an image (as often specified by moderators on this board - they love that), can you post the file so I can test the results?

You cant attach files on this forum.
Upload the file to an online storage site and post a link to it, though some people may not download the file for fear of viruses.
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Hi there, try something like this:

=COUNTIFS($C$2:$C$27, "Incorrect nominal", $D$2:$D$27, "Danielle")+COUNTIFS($C$2:$C$27, "Incorrect nominal and cost code", $D$2:$D$27, "Danielle")
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I always prefer seeing a image or Data. I never like it when posters are asked to upload file to some sharing site. I never trust opening files.
You are well aware that we do not "Love" members providing images, we prefer them to post a sample to the thread so that it can be copied & pasted into a workbook.
There are Add-ins available here to enable you to post data to the thread https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/about-board/508133-attachments.html
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Hi Special K99, I have uploaded my file to Dropbox if that helps? Here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sdcumb78pcuvxam/Purchase Order Errors.xlsx?dl=0
As you can see, I have sort of found a "work around" that does give me the answers I need to the far right, using columns E, F and G but wondering just for peace of mind if there is a better or simpler way to do this. I am fairly new to excel and although I've "solved" the issue I would love to expand my knowledge!!
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Would this work:

=COUNTIFS($C$2:$C$27, "*nominal*", $D$2:$D$27, "Danielle")
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If you are happy to change your tables slightly, how about

Excel 2013/2016
3Incorrect cost code4
4Incorrect nominal1
5Incorrect nominal and cost code1
6No department entered2
7Incorrect department2
8Incorrect Job number0
9Input error on pricing0
10No department, description or price entered0
11Incorrect supplier1
Jan 2019
Cell Formulas
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@Fluff this works! Sorry to be a major pain, but could you explain the working behind it? I can understand sum product so what I think I see happening is that you're saying "SUM everything that looks like this cell "incorrect nominal" but also looks like this cell "danielle" at the top? Also what are the dollar signs for? I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot by the way.
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The $ signs are simply to anchor the ranges so that you can put the formula in M3 & then drag down, without having to change anything.
And you idea of how it's working is correct :)
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