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I have a user form that include a check box. If you check the box it runs formulas and puts data in a different column than if it isn't checked. When I open the user form if there is data on the sheet it pulls it in to the user form, and you can modify as needed, however it does not recheck the box. is there away to get the box to be checked if I checked it he first time?


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Thinking out loud (in my head ...), if you capture the check when the box is clicked ... in other words, save an indication
the box was checked by placing an "x" or a "1" or some type of symbol on the worksheet .. then when the form is re-opened
you can include code to check that cell to determine if it is empty or not.

If empty ... the checkbox also is empty. If not empty ... the checkbox would be checked.


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Currently it puts a value or a 0 in the column. What code would I use so it looks at that column and if it is greater than Zero it checks the checkbox?

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