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Jan 21, 2009
I have built a large Userform to be an Operator Data Log in my plant. I am transferring data from the form to the Excel table by finding a the next empty row and putting the data into the cells in that row. But the problem is that in order for this to fall into the table correctly (that I know of), the operators can't save the data until the end of their 12 hour shift. That leaves plenty of opportunity for someone who doesn't know any better to use the computer and shut the Workbook, thereby losing the data.

I need a way that the operators can safe the data throughout the day and that it will go into a row based on the date and the shift they are on. I know how to use Vlookup and Find from worksheet to worksheet, but I'm teaching myself VBA over the past month and don't know how to do what I need this userform to do. I want to give them a Save button that will look for a data in a table (and then the correct shift) and the data entered into the correct column. When they enter another set of data 2 hours later, I want it to realize that there is data in some columns already and only enter data in columns that have no date from the previous save.

Is that possible? How?

Thank you,

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