Userform dependent combo boxes


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Sep 8, 2014
Have the following code to try that attempts to allow you to use the drop down in a userform which is dependent on the other. It is setup with an advanced filter in the spreadsheet. The problem I am encountering is that nothing shows in the dropdown box (combo box1), any ideas?


Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()

Dim r As Integer

r = 2

Range("F2").Value = ComboBox1.Value

Columns("C:D").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, CriteriaRange:=Range( _
 "F1:F2"), CopyToRange:=Range("H1:I1"), Unique:=False


Do Until Cells(r, 9).Value = ""

ComboBox1.AddItem Cells(r, 9).Value
 r = r + 1


End Sub

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Mar 12, 2009
Put a break point on your DO line and then use F8 to step through the code. Have the Locals window visible to help monitor your variables

What is not happening as expected? Is there data appearing in cell I2 when you first hit this line of code? Is this reflected in the value of Cells(r,9).value when you hover the mouse over it? What about on any subsequent iterations of the loop?

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