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Jan 7, 2019
Hi all, I hope that what I’m about to ask doesn’t seem too difficult to picture, but I’ll try to put it out as plainly as I can for you to see what I’m getting at.

I run a Stock Control workbook containing a very large dataset spread over about 20+ worksheets – let’s call it “Stock KPIs – Overview”. Each worksheet contains specific statistics relating to a stock holding key performance indicator (KPI) – for example ‘Return Dues In’, ‘Stock Dues Out’, ‘Lifeexpired Items on shelf’, ‘Incorrect Storage Location’ and so on.

Each of these worksheets contain an auto-filter to help withStock Control Reporting, but the sheets themselves are hidden to prevent everyday users (i.e. not my stock control team) from altering the data in the worksheets.

Here’s where I need the assistance if possible. I want to create a single worksheet in my Stock Control Reporting workbook – called “MA MonthlyStock KPCs” – to contain a user form that, with the addition of two filters, allows the user to select their ‘Stock Site’ and the ‘Report Type’ required. The filtered data from the respective sheet (tied to the ‘Report Type’ filter) is then shown in a list view area, for example; Stock Site: ‘Warehouse 2’; Report Type: ‘Life-Ex Items on Shelf’ shows all lines for that site that are ‘LifeEx. On shelf’ at that location. If at all possible it would also be incredibly useful to be able to print the list view data that had been shown using the filters.

so, here’s where I’m stuck:
1 – Can multiple filters be used to create a userform list view by pulling data from another worksheet? How?
2 – Is itpossible to print the data held in a filtered userform list view? How?

Once again, really appreciate any assistance you wonderful people might be able to provide.

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Jan 7, 2019

Ok, so it seems that my post above isn't clear enough or it too has got you kind folk confused.

I have PivotTables created for all of my worksheets containing the datasets I need to use. Is it possible for me to use a VBA Macro to use two ComboBox filters tofilter and display data from another worksheetwithin the same workbook.

For example, if the first ComboBox1 is set to stock location “Warehouse 2” and ComboBox2 is set to refer to the worksheet called “Life Expiry”,the VBACode for the UserForm will use and filter the PivotTable on worksheet ‘LifeExpiry’ and show all items with a stock location of ‘Warehouse 2’ within a ListBox on the same UserForm.
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