Uses for the range.find method


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Can you use the range.find method to find the lowest row that the contents of a text box have expanded down to cover?

For instance, if I have a regular text box with resize shape to fit text selected. I put the textbox in row 2, type "a" + hit enter, type "a" + hit enter, type "a" + hit enter, so now the text box covers from rows 2-4. Can I use the range.find method to find the lowest row the text has expanded to, so in this case, it will be row 4?

Or do you need an active x text box to do the same thing?


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Thanks for that AlphaFrog.

That gives me the row of the bottom of my text box. Is there a way to measure the distance between several rows below that point and the bottom of the page that is on that sheet?


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Sorry to be a bit vague before AlphaFrog. I did want the bottom of the text row but that was to try and work out if I could use it to see if a image would fit in the space between the bottom of the box and the end of the page. If there wasn't enough space, I wanted the image pushed to the next page or maybe a page break being inserted. So wanting to know how to find the lowest row was just a means to an end, but I am still having trouble with the end.

Do you know how I could solve the above problem?

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