Using Excel to import Project Data from CSV file and creating reports from it.


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May 7, 2020
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Hi all,

I am a student and looking for some help. I am working off of free project management software that exports a CSV file on Sprints information. This software does not include reports however so I would like to use excel to complete the experience.

I need to create a burn-down graph with 2 lines (I have attached an image of what the graph should look like)
(1)This is a projected line, and should show the amount of "estimated points" in the sprint that should still be open at a specific date interval on the X-axis. The intervals of this line should decrease based on the due dates of the tasks and should decrease based on the amount of "estimated points" the tasks weighed to the sprint. At the start of the sprint this would show the total "estimated points" of all tasks on the graph and at the end of the sprint should read 0 in the graph (no more tasks open). Thus, this should calculate every day at "total estimated points" for sprint - "estimated points" of tasks due on that day.
(2)This line should show the actual performance of the team in completing the tasks. This line should look at the "total estimated points" minus "Logged points" per day in order to track how efficient the team is and if they are behind/ahead with completing all the tasks on time.

As I have to manually export/import the CSV file, I would need a solution that will allow me to just import the data on 1 worksheet and calculate the graph on another worksheet.

My question is how would I do this? I have gotten as far as to import the file into excel.


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