Using the Checkboxes feature for an invite list


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Nov 13, 2012
New to this board and looking for some help.

I have a large name list (about 7000 rows), and would like to create a checkbox or toggle so the list can be sent around and the people can say yes or no to the invitation by checking the box.

In the developer ribbon, I used the form control checkbox feature and sized the box to fit within a cell, I then linked that checkbox to a different cell within the same row (to produce True or False) and used an If statement so if the box was checked or unchecked it would read "Yes" or "No". To this point, all is well.

However, I want to copy drag these two cells with the checkbox the length of the 7000 rows. Unfortunately, the checkbox cell link will not automatically update for each row. The thought of going into 7000 lines and updating the cell link for each checkbox is mind numbing.

If anyone has encountered this and has a solution or an alternate suggestion, I would be forever grateful.

Thank you

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