Using VBA to create VBA


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Mar 25, 2015
Hi everyone,

So i have a workbook which is a tracker for FSR visits to various sites, as well as support log to collect customer questions or issues.

Within the workbook the first thing you'd see is a homepage with buttons which will open only the required sheets for the buttons selected - to prevent inadvertent entries in the wrong sheets as they can get confusing. Obviously within these there is VBA to ensure that it makes the required page 'visible', retains the homepage tab as a visible sheet (But not selected so they could have multiple different sheets open to copy any data), and then selects the required sheet. At the top of the selected sheet there is a 'Back to Home Page' Button which will do the reverse leaving only the HomePage visible. Within the sheet it is then a simple data input table.

All fairly easy stuff for now. But to those in my office who are unfamiliar with excel, i'm a god right now, haha!

To create a new button, sheets, and VBA takes a novice (me) a good 15 minutes to do this including QA. For some of the older, less excel based users in my team who use this, i have created a 'noddy guide' on how to create a new page in the event they dare to try it when i'm not here. Call it future proofing.

But i'm wondering if it is possible to automate this process with a 'Create New Support log' button which will;
Create a new sheet in a particular format (colours, borders, etc)
Create a new button on the homepage, with a message button asking for the name of the button and for the sub name,
Copy a 'Template' line of vba and paste it completing the required details in it,
Applying the open_sub and Close_sub names to the Open_All and Close_All subs.

Its a little database-y, but until i can learn enough to create this in a DB then excel is what i know enough of just now.

Happy to answer any further info questions if required :)

Thanks one and all for any responses.


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