Using VBA to find find/copy/paste/position named pictures based on cell values


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Oct 2, 2014

Im new to VBA and im doing this little project to get try it out, but no matter how much i google/read about it i cant seem to figure this out. Here is what im trying to do:

I have a spreadsheet where i want to fill in stats from hockey games, who played and whats the score. In two colums i have made lists (data validation) containing all the teams in the league and what i want is the team logo to appear in the cells next to the cell with the team name. Alle the logos are placed on a different worksheet (2), the imagefiles are sized so they fit within the cells in the column they are in. I want to make a makro that searches through the coloumns on where i have the team names (worksheet 1) and when it finds a cell with a team name in it, it will copy the teamlogo (named picture) from the other worksheet, and paste it in the center of the cell next to the name. I want this makro to detect automatically when cells in the "team columns" have been changed (not empty) such that team logos appear right away.

I would be incredibly thankful for any help!

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