Using VBA To Open A New Worksheet Containing Existing Data


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Jul 4, 2019
Is anybody able to help with the following:-

Trying to set up a new customer database using Excel and VBA. Each customer has a database entry (1no excel file per customer)with their details. On each customer entry, I want to have a couple of macro buttons. One to open a job card template and one to open a quotation template in Word. I've actually managed to get this far but I'm struggling with I want to have the customer details transferred from the customer entry into specific cells on the job card or specific locations on the quotation (Word document). Also, I need the job card to open in the same workbook as the customer entry.

Please excuse if my terminology is a little off. I'm fairly good with excel formulas but I'm completely new to VBA and macros.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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May 17, 2006
hi, Rosie

one excel file per customer is likely setting yourself up for a world of pain. this sounds instead like a job for a database

if continuing with the current plan & you want help, I'd suggest there are two basic options.
1. engage a consultant, like MrExcel, or
2. work through each step in small bites & ask for specific help when stuck. being completely new to VBA this might take a very long time, but on the positive side it sounds like you've made good progress already, and a project like this is a fantastic way to learn.

all the best. regards, Fazza

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