vba autofit doesn't work on wrapped text cells


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Hi I have a sheet that has variable amount of text in column A. The text is fairly long, it's a paragraph. These cells are wrapped text. The issue is when i do an autofit (either via VBA or even when i do it manually), the autofit works for few of the cells but some will have extra space at the end. when i either make the column width much wider or narrower, the auto fit seems to work, but not at the width i'm trying to keep those cells at. I've tried specifying the range or looping through each row to do autofit one by one, but all of these solutions give me the same issue. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you for your help!

With Sheets("ABC")    With .Columns("A:A")
        With .Font
            .Name = "Cambria"
            .Color = RGB(12, 35, 64)
            .Size = 12
        End With
        .ColumnWidth = 96
        .HorizontalAlignment = xlJustify
        .VerticalAlignment = xlTop
        .WrapText = True
    End With
End With

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