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May 31, 2021
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Hi folks,

An expert helped me out with the below code which is pulling out the information from "transactions" and "purchases" worksheets to the "output" worksheet.

I need to build-in one more logic - to exclude all the rows from the "perc change" calculations (column H, "output" sheet) where the index number is 1 in column H, "transactions" sheet. I tried a lot to modify the code accordingly but failed to do so. Can anyone help me out please? Attaching the mini-sheets for your reference. Many thanks in advance....

VBA Code:
Sub DataTest()
  Dim vT As Variant, vP As Variant, v As Variant, ky As Variant
  Dim i As Long, ndx As Long, d As Object, d2 As Object
  Dim t As Double, tc As Double, fic As Double
  t = Timer
  vP = Range("Purchases!A1").CurrentRegion.Value2
  vT = Range("Transactions!A1").CurrentRegion.Value2
  Set d = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
  Set d2 = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
  ReDim v(1 To UBound(vP), 1 To 8)
  'Unique Items from Purchase
  For i = 2 To UBound(vP)
    d2(vP(i, 3)) = vP(i, 4)
  Next i
  'Unique Items from Transactions
  For i = 2 To UBound(vT)
    d(vT(i, 1)) = Empty
  Next i
  For Each ky In d2.keys
    If d.exists(ky) Then
      For i = 2 To UBound(vT)
        'Read only the items that are in Purchase
        If vT(i, 1) = ky Then
          'Item and data from Transactions
          If d(vT(i, 1)) = Empty Then
            ndx = ndx + 1
            d(vT(i, 1)) = ndx
            v(ndx, 1) = vT(i, 1)        'Item
            v(ndx, 2) = vT(i, 2)        'Description
            v(ndx, 4) = vT(i, 3)        'First issue date
            v(ndx, 5) = vT(i, 6)        'Initial Cost
            fic = vT(i, 6)              'First issue cost
            tc = 0
            ndx = d(vT(i, 1))
          End If
          v(ndx, 3) = v(ndx, 3) + vT(i, 4)    'Quantity
          v(ndx, 5) = Application.Min(v(ndx, 5), vT(i, 6))  'Min Cost
          v(ndx, 6) = Application.Max(v(ndx, 6), vT(i, 6))  'Max Cost
          tc = tc + vT(i, 7) 'running total cost to calculate avg cost
          If v(ndx, 3) <> 0 Then v(ndx, 7) = tc / v(ndx, 3) Else v(ndx, 7) = 0 'Average Cost
          If fic <> 0 Then v(ndx, 8) = (vT(i, 6) - fic) / fic 'Percent Change
        End If
      Next i
      ndx = ndx + 1
      v(ndx, 1) = ky            'Item
      v(ndx, 2) = d2(ky)        'Description
    End If
  Next ky
  With Worksheets("Output")
    .Cells(1, 1).CurrentRegion.Offset(1).Clear
    .Cells(2, 1).Resize(ndx, UBound(v, 2)).Value = v
    With .UsedRange
      .Columns("A:B").NumberFormat = "@"
      .Columns("C").NumberFormat = "#,##0"
      .Columns("D").NumberFormat = "d/m/yyyy"
      .Columns("E:G").NumberFormat = "$* #,##0.00"
      .Columns("H").NumberFormat = "0.0%"
    End With
  End With
  MsgBox Timer - t
End Sub

sample data .xlsb
1Item #DescriptionQty IssuedFirst Issue DateMin CostMax CostAvg CostPerc Change
220800030BOUFFANT CAP, PP728SBU000500BZ BOUFFANT CAP3289/1/2019£ 37.18£ 40.00£ 37.277.6%
323456789filter dpf61/1/2019£ 0.00£ 32.00£ 18.86-34.4%
410000076FILTER REGULATORAW4000-04CG Z19 XF36272/2/2019£ 0.37£ 40.00£ 1.12-99.0%
521600008MRO300 OIL DRY PAD 1 box qty. of 100294,2304/2/2019£ 0.00£ 40.00£ 0.37-99.0%
610000079CYL MGQL25-B7163-205244/2/2019£ 0.00£ 37.18£ 0.86-99.0%
710000080@ CYL. GUIDED 508CL MGQM25-B4827-17038512/4/2019£ 0.37£ 55.85£ 0.81-99.0%
810000081ACTUATOR ROTARY SMC11-CDRA1BS50-90C A53L1,2677/2/2019£ 0.37£ 56.00£ 0.68-99.0%
910000086CDBM2L25H-D7362-30 503CL48/2/2019£ 37.18£ 37.18£ 37.180.0%

sample data .xlsb
1Item #DescriptionTransaction DateQtyType Cost Total Cost Index Number
212345678TWEEZERS, WHITE PLASTIC 5"13/01/202020ISSUE$ -$ -1
312345678TWEEZERS, WHITE PLASTIC 5"18/02/2020100ISSUE$ 2.14$ 213.532
412345678TWEEZERS, WHITE PLASTIC 5"22/08/202020ISSUE$ 3.00$ 60.002
512345678TWEEZERS, WHITE PLASTIC 5"09/09/2020199ISSUE$ 4.00$ 796.002
623456789filter dpf01/01/20191ISSUE$ 32.00$ 32.002
723456789filter dpf06/01/20192ISSUE$ -$ -1
823456789filter dpf31/01/20191ISSUE$ 23.00$ 23.002
923456789filter dpf07/02/20191ISSUE$ 21.00$ 21.002
1023456789filter dpf07/02/20191ISSUE$ -$ -1

sample data .xlsb
1Order DateQtyItem #DescriptionReceive Date
219/02/20201020800030BOUFFANT CAP, PP728SBU000500BZ BOUFFANT CAP21/05/2020
319/02/20202020800030BOUFFANT CAP, PP728SBU000500BZ BOUFFANT CAP04/03/2020
419/02/20202023456789filter dpf26/02/2020
519/02/20205820800030BOUFFANT CAP, PP728SBU000500BZ BOUFFANT CAP21/02/2020
619/02/20207220800030BOUFFANT CAP, PP728SBU000500BZ BOUFFANT CAP
704/02/20203310000076FILTER REGULATORAW4000-04CG Z19 XF313/02/2020

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