VBA Code returns "Error 6' Overflow error when array element is greater than 1010


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Sep 5, 2014
Hello Guys!

I am having a problem with my code below. This code extracts data from a text file.
The part where the error occurs is on the 'Converts the quantity from string to integer data type
part of the code.

It returns an overflow error. It works fine for text files with lines up to 1010, but greater than that the error happens.

Do you guys have ideas to resolve this? I have declared the data type as LONG already...

Thanks to your help!!!!

Sub generate_report()

'Reads the S file per line, extract the product names and quantity then gets the top 10 for the current & previous month

Dim stext_current() As String, stext_previous() As String
Dim row_number As Integer, LineFromFile As String
Dim a As String, b As String, c As String, d As String, file_current As String, file_previous As String
Dim product_current As String, quantity_current As String, quantity_m2 As String
Dim product_previous As String, quantity_previous As String
Dim product_current_all As String, quantity_current_all As String, snumber_current() As String, quantity_m2_all As String
Dim product_previous_all As String, quantity_previous_all As String, snumber_previous() As String, snumber_m2() As String
Dim SrtTemp_current() As Long, top10_current(1 To 10) As Long, SrtTemp_m2() As Long
Dim SrtTemp_previous() As Long, top10_previous(1 To 10) As Long
Dim sum_current As Long, sum_previous As Long, sum_month2 As Long, sum_month3 As Long, sum_m12 As Long
Dim period_m2 As String, period_m3 As String, period_m12 As String
Dim quantity_m3 As String, quantity_m3_all As String, snumber_m3() As String, SrtTemp_m3() As Long
Dim quantity_m12 As String, quantity_m12_all As String, snumber_m12() As String, SrtTemp_m12() As Long
Dim I As Long
Dim j As Long
Dim k As Long
Dim l As Long

a = "\\parsfil01\Databases\bases\Hopital\LMH_CDF"                     'static location of the files
b = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("C6:C6").Value                           'gets the value of the supplier code
c = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("C8:C8").Value                           'gets the value of the current period
d = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("C10:C10").Value                         'gets the value of the previous period
period_m2 = (WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Left(c, 2), Range("P2:U13"), 4)) & Right(c, 2)
period_m3 = (WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Left(c, 2), Range("P2:U13"), 5)) & Right(c, 2)
period_m12 = (WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Left(c, 2), Range("P2:U13"), 6)) & Range("O2")
'MsgBox FileNameCurrent(a, c, b)


'Code for the current month
If FileName(a, c, b) = "" Then
    Range("H7").Value = "N/A"
    MsgBox "There is no file found for the current month."
    Open FileName(a, c, b) For Input As #1                            'opens the sales file for the current month
    row_number = 0
    Do Until EOF(1)                                                          'reads the text line per line until the end of file
        Line Input #1, LineFromFile
        product_current = Mid(LineFromFile, 104, 80)                         'extracts the product name
        quantity_current = Mid(LineFromFile, 237, 10)                        'extracts the quantity
        product_current_all = product_current_all & product_current & ";"    'stores the product name into an delimited array
        quantity_current_all = quantity_current_all & quantity_current & ";" 'stores the quantity into an delimited array
        row_number = row_number + 1
    Close #1
    'Splits the delimited array
    stext_current() = Split(product_current_all, ";")
    snumber_current() = Split(quantity_current_all, ";")
    'Converts the quantity from string to integer data type
    For I = LBound(snumber_current) + 1 To UBound(snumber_current) - 2
        ReDim Preserve SrtTemp_current(I)
            'MsgBox snumber_current(I)
            [B]SrtTemp_current(I) = CInt(snumber_current(I))[/B]            
            Debug.Print TypeName(SrtTemp_current(I))
            'MsgBox SrtTemp(I)
    Next I
    'Sums the quantity
    Range("H7").Value = WorksheetFunction.Sum(SrtTemp_current())
    'Gets the top 10
    top10_current(1) = WorksheetFunction.Large(SrtTemp_current(), 1)
    top10_current(2) = WorksheetFunction.Large(SrtTemp_current(), 2)
    top10_current(3) = WorksheetFunction.Large(SrtTemp_current(), 3)
    top10_current(4) = WorksheetFunction.Large(SrtTemp_current(), 4)
    top10_current(5) = WorksheetFunction.Large(SrtTemp_current(), 5)
    top10_current(6) = WorksheetFunction.Large(SrtTemp_current(), 6)
    top10_current(7) = WorksheetFunction.Large(SrtTemp_current(), 7)
    top10_current(8) = WorksheetFunction.Large(SrtTemp_current(), 8)
    top10_current(9) = WorksheetFunction.Large(SrtTemp_current(), 9)
    top10_current(10) = WorksheetFunction.Large(SrtTemp_current(), 10)
    'Places the top 10 on the excel sheet
    Range("I12").Value = top10_current(1)
    Range("I13").Value = top10_current(2)
    Range("I14").Value = top10_current(3)
    Range("I15").Value = top10_current(4)
    Range("I16").Value = top10_current(5)
    Range("I17").Value = top10_current(6)
    Range("I18").Value = top10_current(7)
    Range("I19").Value = top10_current(8)
    Range("I20").Value = top10_current(9)
    Range("I21").Value = top10_current(10)
    'Gets the product name for the top 10 quantities
    For l = 1 To 10
        For k = LBound(SrtTemp_current()) To UBound(SrtTemp_current())
            If top10_current(l) = SrtTemp_current(k) Then
                Range("F" & l + 11).Value = stext_current(k)
            End If
        Next k
    Next l
End If
End sub
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Jun 19, 2002

Rich (BB code):
SrtTemp_current(I) = CLng(snumber_current(I))

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