VBA code to automatically save pdf file and also without displaying it

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Sep 14, 2019
I have a code that populate word documents then prints to pdf. The problem is I have to click SAVE for each one then the display of the PDF opens. Is there a way to automatically SAVE and also prevent the preview from coming up? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is the code:
Sub CreateWordDocuments()
Dim CustRow, CustCol, LastRow, TemplRow, DaysSince, FrDays, ToDays As Long
Dim DocLoc, TagName, TagValue, TemplName, FileName As String
Dim CurDt, LastAppDt As Date
Dim WordDoc, WordApp, OutApp, OutMail As Object
Dim WordContent As Word.Range
With Sheet1
  If .Range("B3").Value = Empty Then
    MsgBox "Please select a correct template from the drop down list"
    Exit Sub
  End If
    TemplRow = .Range("B3").Value 'Set Template Row
    TemplName = .Range("G3").Value 'Set Template Name
    FrDays = .Range("L3").Value 'Set From Days
    ToDays = .Range("N3").Value 'Set To Days
    DocLoc = Sheet2.Range("F" & TemplRow).Value 'Word Document Filename
    'Open Word Template
    On Error Resume Next 'If Word is already running
    Set WordApp = GetObject("Word.Application")
    If Err.Number <> 0 Then
    'Launch a new instance of Word
    'On Error GoTo Error_Handler
    Set WordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
    WordApp.Visible = True 'Make the application visible to the user
    End If
    LastRow = .Range("E9999").End(xlUp).Row  'Determine Last Row in Table
        For CustRow = 8 To LastRow
                DaysSince = .Range("M" & CustRow).Value
                If TemplName <> .Range("N" & CustRow).Value And DaysSince >= FrDays And DaysSince <= ToDays Then
                                Set WordDoc = WordApp.Documents.Open(FileName:=DocLoc, ReadOnly:=False) 'Open Template
                                For CustCol = 5 To 13 'Move Through 9 Columns
                                    TagName = .Cells(7, CustCol).Value 'Tag Name
                                    TagValue = .Cells(CustRow, CustCol).Value 'Tag Value
                                     With WordDoc.Content.Find
                                        .Text = TagName
                                        .Replacement.Text = TagValue
                                        .Wrap = wdFindContinue
                                        .Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll 'Find & Replace all instances
                                     End With
                                Next CustCol
                        If .Range("I3").Value = "PDF" Then
                                       FileName = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & .Range("E" & CustRow).Value & "_" & .Range("F" & CustRow).Value & ".pdf" 'Create full filename & Path with current workbook location, Last Name & First Name
                                       WordDoc.ExportAsFixedFormat OutputFileName:=FileName, ExportFormat:=wdExportFormatPDF
                                       WordDoc.Close False
                                   Else: 'If Word
                                       FileName = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & .Range("E" & CustRow).Value & "_" & .Range("F" & CustRow).Value & ".docx"
                                       WordDoc.SaveAs FileName
                                   End If
                                   .Range("N" & CustRow).Value = TemplName 'Template Name
                                   .Range("O" & CustRow).Value = Now
                                    If .Range("P3").Value = "Email" Then
                                                  Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") 'Create Outlook Application
                                                  Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0) 'Create Email
                                                  With OutMail
                                                      .To = Sheet1.Range("K" & CustRow).Value
                                                      .Subject = "Hi, " & Sheet1.Range("F" & CustRow).Value & " We Miss You"
                                                      .Body = "Hello, " & Sheet1.Range("F" & CustRow).Value & " Its been a while since we have seen you so we wanted to send you a special letter. Please see the attached file"
                                                      .Attachments.Add FileName
                                                  End With
                                    Else: 'Print Out
                                           Application.Wait Now + 0.00003
                                    End If
                        Kill (FileName) 'Deletes the PDF or Word that was just created
            End If '3 condition met
        Next CustRow
End With
End Sub
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