VBA Code to Check if Sheet Exists and Exit Sub if Not


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Thanks in advance for any suggestions as I will give feedback accordingly.

Part of the response to my question has previously been posted, but since I've never used Functions in VBA and I am still new with VBA coding, I need some additional assistance.

I would like to check if the following sheet in the external workbook exists, and if not, terminate the program. I only posted the pertinent code.

Sub Check_Sheet()
Dim i as Long

For i = 3 to LastRow

'The Path is "DirFolder"
'The File Name is "File_Name"

'If "Invoice Details" does not exist then (how to write this code?)

Exit Sub


Next i

End Sub


MrExcel MVP, Moderator
Something like
Public Function ShtExists(ShtName As String, Optional Wbk As Workbook) As Boolean
    If Wbk Is Nothing Then Set Wbk = ActiveWorkbook
    On Error Resume Next
    ShtExists = (LCase(Wbk.Sheets(ShtName).Name) = LCase(ShtName))
    On Error GoTo 0
End Function
Sub chk()
   ShtName = "Sheet1"
   Set Wbk = Workbooks(File_Name)
   If Not ShtExists(ShtName, Wbk) Then Exit Sub
End Sub


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Thank you very much Fluff! Please note I have never used Functions and I am very new to writing Macros.

First question is if I make this function Private, does that basically make it to where you look at the Macros menu, it will not appear?

Second of all, since this is a closed workbook, don't I need to specify the directory?


MrExcel MVP, Moderator
The function will not appear in the Macros menu, as it needs to be passed arguments.
However if you change it to Private it must be in the same module as the code that is calling it.

Also the workbook must be open.


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Thanks Fluff!


How can I do it where if the workbook is closed?


MrExcel MVP, Moderator
You could try this
Function ShtExistsClosed(Pth As String, Fname As String, ShtName As String)
   Dim FullPth As String
   FullPth = "'" & Pth & "[" & Fname & "]" & ShtName & "'!R1C1"
   ShtExistsClosed = Not IsError(Application.ExecuteExcel4Macro(FullPth))
End Function
Sub chk()
   Dim Pth As String, Fname As String, ShtName As String
   Pth = "C:\Mrexcel\"
   Fname = "+book1.xlsm"
   ShtName = "List"
   Debug.Print ShtExistsClosed(Pth, Fname, ShtName)
End Sub
But if the path or filename are wrong it will open up a dialogue box.

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