VBA code to rename and save file doesn't always save the files with formulas.


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Nov 27, 2015
Hello i have the following code:
Sub XX()
Dim Path1 As String
Dim filename As String
Dim MyOldName As String
Dim thisWb As Workbook
Dim CO As String
Dim newname As String
filename = ("XX")
Set thisWb = ActiveWorkbook
myfirstname = Left(ActiveWorkbook.Name, InStr(ActiveWorkbook.Name, ".") - 1) 'ActiveWorkbook.Name & xlTypePDF '".pdf" '"ZNA " & Filename2 & " " & Filename & ".xls"
MyOldName = ActiveWorkbook.FULLNAME

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

CO = Range("K7").Value

If CO = "JX" Then
Path1 = "C:\Users\Public\Dropbox (JX Purchasing)\NEW PEND OR NOCAL\PO TO CONFIRM\TODAYS TO SEND\"
End If
If CO = "JFC" Then
Path1 = "C:\Users\Public\Dropbox (JX Purchasing)\NEW PEND OR SOCAL\PO TO CONFIRM\TODAYS TO SEND\"
End If

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs filename:=Path1 & filename & " " & myfirstname, FileFormat:=xlNormal
Kill MyOldName

ActiveWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=True

End Sub

The code basically renames the file, saves the file to a diff location, deletes the old file.
The code works fine it seems - except for occasionally the files that are saved (they have a bunch of vlookup formulas in them linking to external files.) instead of saving the formulas , the vlookup value is saved in a cells but the formulas are no longer there - instead it has a =#VALUE! in the formula bar when i click on the cells... All the external links are gone as well.. I have never encountered this issue before, any help would be greatly appreciated. Using Office 365.

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