VBA, EXCEL. Thank you!!


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Jan 12, 2014
Hi all (admin sorry if this is in the wrong place)

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone!

Yes, I can make my way around excel but I am a total beginner at vba.
Over the last few weeks I have managed to copy, paste and hack together some lines of vba that I have found through these fantastic forums to get the basics of my code.
BUT if it was not for the help and kindness of many individuals helping me patch the code or pointing me in the right direction I would never have got to where I am now.
I am loving the vba coding and will continue to learn and use it as much where ever I can.

I have tried other websites that seem offer support for vba but all I got from them were horrible comments like "we're not here to do your code for you" or "show us what you have first"!
Now I don't expect anyone to do all my code for me but we all have to begin somewhere and if no one shows anyone how, how are the beginners meant to learn?

So this post is just a huge thank you to everyone who has helped anyone at some time!
To the forum's admin who run these helpful forums, we all appreciate all the hard work, thank you.

Keep well and stay safe everyone!!

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Michael M

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Oct 27, 2005
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Glad you managed to get positive results......maybe one day, you will return the favour to others trying to learn...(y)(y)

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