VBA for checking to see if fields in a form are not empty when 'close form' button is executed


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Dec 5, 2016
My script only included Textboxes.

I thought you said my script worked perfectly but you wanted two textboxes exclude.
I asked what were the names of the Textboxes you wanted excluded and you said:




Is not a Textbox.

My bad. I appoligize. Regardless, your code is working fine. I just changed this part from:

If x > 0 Then
to this:

If x > [B]1[/B] Then
And that seems to cancel out the 2 controls that autopopulate when the form is opened and doesnt trigger the yes/no prompt in your code when the close button is clicked. Perfect! THanks again, My Aswer Is This

My Aswer Is This

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Jul 5, 2014
Well if that works for you great.
I think you will find if one of the other Textboxs have a value in them other then the one you wanted excluded you will not get a warning message.

So for example if the textbox you wanted excluded is empty but TextBox4 has a value in it the script will not give you a warning.
If that proves true you will have to get back with me.
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