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Apr 7, 2005
I've come up with the code below that consolidates time-off requests made by employees for the entire school semester in a calendar on the Academic sheet; results return to a calendar on a Details sheet. So if someone wants to take 4 hrs personal time on 9/25 and a 4 hrs sick time on 9/25, they enter this in the calendar on the Academic sheet and results carry to a Details sheet to be: 4P, 4S in the 9/25 field. Works good and is cumulative for the semester and gives a "year-to-date" time off report.

=IF(Academic!E40<0.5,"",CONCATENATE(Academic!$B40,"",Academic!E40," ",))

I also need to use the same approach, but modified slightly to show current entries only. I'd like to add the code below to a command button on the Academic sheet with additional vba that will still consolidate entries made in the calendar on the Academic sheet, but only for the current entries not year-to-date.

Example: Employee opens file and enters time off request in the Academic calendar, employee clicks an "Update & Save" button that will consolidate entries made to the Academic calendar and save the file. Results returning B22 on Academics sheet would reflect only the current entries. When the file is closed and re-opened, the previous results should still appear on B22 and then be replaced when the Update & Save button is clicked with the newest entry.

Any help would be appreciated.

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