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I have a macro that selects a different excel workbook and copies all the data from the opened workbook into the existing. See below:

Set Wbk1 = ActiveWorkbook
Fname = "L:\GCRE\Financial Modeling.xlsm"
Set Wbk2 = Workbooks.Open(Fname)
Wbk2.Sheets(1).Copy , Wbk1.Sheets(Wbk1.Sheets.Count)
Wbk2.Close False

Now, the code works. However, the workbook I am opening is also a macro-enabled workbook, which refreshes 3 different workbooks using Power Query in Excel. All 3 workbooks are refreshed and appended into the Financial Modeling.xlsm. The problem is, the workbooks aren't getting refreshed. Was wondering if anyone had an idea why?


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You could create a macro to refresh them and call that one from your existing macro posted here. If it supposed to run on workbook open event automatically, then you need to add a wait for calculations event in the macro posted to wait for them to be refreshed before copying the data over.

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