VBA in Word to populate word document from excel data file.


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Jul 19, 2019
I am looking for a way to extract excel data into a word document, from the VBA in the word document. There is one cell in the excel file that is either empty or contains data that needs to be split so for example:

Excel Data

Cell1 Cell2 Cell3 Cell4
Yes Yes No Yes|No|Maybe|Not Required

In Word doc after import

Cell1 value is: Yes
Cell2 value is: Yes
Cell3 value is: No

Cell4 Part1 is: Yes
Cell4 Part2 is: No
Cell4 Part3 is: Maybe
Cell4 Part4 is: Not required

Then repeat for all other rows in the excel data file.

I don't think this can be achieved using mail merge because of the data in cell4

Appreciate any suggestions on how this can be done.

Thanks in advance

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