[VBA] Pivot Table make column headers show Day 12 instead of xx/xx/xxxx


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I wasn't exactly sure how to word the title outside of providing the actual problem itself.

I have a pivot table that has a dynamic amount of informaiton. My current pivot table has 27 unique dates, the next one I run could have 30 or even < 20.

The column header we use is the Received Date and it is in the format of xx/xx/xxxx but I want it to produce an actual Day 1 if it was today, Day 2 if it was 1 days ago etc.

I currently use a formula within the macro that uses a nested IF statement to do
=IF(RC[-1]=TODAY()-13, ""Day 13"", IF(RC[-1]=TODAY()-14, ""Day 14"", RC[-1]))
However I am not sure if it is best practice to just continue the nested statement or is that my best bet?


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Hi there. This will produce the result you want i think:

=""Day ""&(TODAY()-RC[-1]+1)
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