VBA print to PDF issue on windows 10


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I'm quite new with VBA coding and need to solicit help from you.

I have an existing coding regarding the print to pdf using adobe acrobat. My laptop was upgraded to windows 10 and the adobe acrobat was removed and changed to microsoft print to pdf. Now my coding didn't work eventhough we installed adobe distiller. this is where the issue pointed me:

Option Explicit

Public WithEvents odist As PdfDistiller

Private Sub Class_Initialize()
Set odist = Nothing
Set odist = New PdfDistiller
End Sub


sCurrentPrinter = Application.ActivePrinter 'Save the currently active printer
sPDFVersionAndPort = "Adobe PDF on Ne05:"
sPSFileName = myPath & Year(Date) & "-" & DNMonth & "-" & DNFName & ".ps" 'Name of PS file
sPDFFileName = myPath & Year(Date) & "-" & DNMonth & "-" & DNFName & ".pdf" 'Name of PDF

ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut ActivePrinter:=sCurrentPrinter, PrintToFile:=True, PrToFileName:=sPSFileName 'Prints to PS
'ThisWorkbook.Sheets.PrintOut ActivePrinter:=sPDFVersionAndPort, PrintToFile:=True, PrToFileName:=sPSFileName 'Prints to PS

Call appDist.odist.FileToPDF(sPSFileName, sPDFFileName, sJobOptions)

On Error GoTo HERE

'Creates PDF

Kill sPSFileName 'Removes PS
Kill myPath & Year(Date) & "-" & DNMonth & "-" & DNFName & ".log"

Application.ActivePrinter = sCurrentPrinter 'Change back to the original printer

DNNum = DNNum + 1

Set appDist = Nothing

Thank you very much for your help


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Adobe is not required to create a pdf

try this One-Liner

Sub PDF()
    ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:="C:\results\test.pdf"
End Sub


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